Hello Friends,

I have had a lot of emails lately with inquiries as to why I pulled the NRPL website down.  I am sure with the 2013-14 MDPR ramping up people are wondering where my statistics and analysis are for this years race.  To be honest, I simply am too busy right now and decided it was best to pull the site down rather than getting emails from people telling me that I needed to update the information and keep the MDPR stats current.  I have not (nor likely will ever) get out of my pigeons.  Due to my work travel and time commitment, however,  I am not racing in our local club right now and just focusing on One Loft Races.  I have made a lot of great friends around the world through the information I was providing on the NRPL website and I am sure someday (not for several years!!!) I will bring the site back up when I have time, but for now - the site is offline.

NRPL birds continue to do well in the local club races and the biggest OLR's around.  One of my favorite things to hear about is people having success with NRPL birds.  While so far this year has certainly not lived up to my standards in the OLR's for my own birds, I am hearing more and more from people winning with NRPL bloodlines so that more than makes up for the lack of wins this year.

Good luck everyone in the races and I am so excited about the MDPR - looks like it will be another great year!

Kind regards,

Joe Nemelka
Nemelka Racing Pigeon Loft

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